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Since, 1980, Billings Construction has changed with technology to add, I.C.F. Insulated foundations, for our designed additions and renovations.  Excavating equipment for new and existing foundation repairs and installs, wet basement solutions, weeping system replacement, sump  pump and (2010) Certification  to install or repair all Septic Systems and Treatment Units.

Our Vision.


Billings Construction is a family owned 

our expertise means we can go above and beyond simply managing a job for our clients – we help clients deliver projects on time and on budget, while maintaining our core values of commitment, quality, and integrity.

Company Profile.



In 1980 Brads Carpentry was started as an addition and renovation company. In 2010 it was rebranded as Billings Construction and began offering septic system repairs and replacements along with a list of other services.

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